Updated the googlemap plugin

Been a while. Been busy on other sites wich used my dimme google map script. But it used it to an extend i just changed the plugin to what i wanted there. So then i opend my base version and looked somewhat scared of the code. Need to add a custom post type that may or not may add sometimes a googlemap. Template page wich had to be included wich i based on the twentyten template.

Added a base custom post type. Added some different ways for the site template to load the maps. And a custom content page for the page you can add the googlemap in stead of a template. Even added some directional services if you need them.

But this is a dev website, i wanted to add all the post types wich can or may be using a googlemap. So i looked up the get_post_types function. Found an easy function to only get the public post types, but found no way to exclude the attachment, revision or nav_menu_item post type. So i still just excluded them with a custom array.

WordPress is still so usefull. But i excluded the creative “loop_start” action wich allowed me to add a map before the loop. I now just added a new loop on the custom googlemap page in the “the_content” with a “is_page($custom_page_id)” function. Way easier, less fun.