Busy busy busy

Recently i have been busy finding out what to do. Creating WordPress data has been on the back burner finding out what i like to do. I have released a music video, made animations for a movie. Searching the internet for useful frameworks (more later). Thinking of making a YouTube channel.  Finding out what this angularJS. Finding out about composer, nodeJS, grunt, express, and so on, Thinking of making games with unity. Thinking of making games in JavaScript/php. Too much to do for one person.

Unity is a lot of fun, gotta agree on that. But then i need to know what i want to do, and i don`t. So i moved on to a new framework i found, laravel. Lots of fun to be found here, but i have been using the laravel5 dev repository cause it`s new and i like new. And with every update there come more updates and changes to keep my head from spinning.

I am a person who needs to know what the hell is going on in code before i start typing and found out i learned a lot today when i installed a new laravel4 test. I can just create and run controllers and routes and stuff from how it used to be used to where they are going. i just installed the 4.2 and got on to authentication to routes to Restful routes in no time.

The last thing to find out is how the hell i can and will be sharing all the info, i`m looking in to how to create and manage a git repository for sharing. When the time is right i will be coming back here.