I like grunt – symfony grunt sass edition

So i like grunt, people tell me there are lots and lots of builders in the world but i started a “Let’s create symfony with grunt” repository on git.

The first time i created the project i just forked an existing grunt edition of symfony and added the things i liked. Sounds great but now i wanted more. Symfony released a 3.0 version some time ago and i wanted to check my repository. And maybe update some things to the “real” version i wanted.

There were two things i wanted. How does this javascript es6 version work, and how do i f&#@% let the code check all my files i create. The latter is easy, just force linters on the developer. So i included sass-lint and updated my jshint modules. Did that on the end of my project so i got lots of errors in my 5 line code and fixed them. But for that es6…

I want to create a “how to es6 for dummies” idea, cause when you get it it will be simple. But when you don’t… it will eat your soul. So i found a nice grunt-babel plugin. And i just wanted to create an easy thing. I had a bootstrap modal on my page and wanted to view my model, i needed a root import for my model from bootstrap using jQuey. I will find the fancy es6 stuff later. That wouldn’t fit so i found a nice Frontbook repository  which fixed my stuff. Add grunt-browserify to let you require my jQuery and bootstrap javascript and all things well. I just didn’t want to mix streams and include a multiple usage javascript builder. But what can you say, it works.

Anyway, not to make a post longer than it should, and i cannot create short posts. Check out the gruntfile on this. I used it on a symfony project, but you can use it on anything. It’s built for ease of use. Use it.

My repository: symfony-grunt-sass

Next time a how to es6 for n00bs with typescript or just something else.