Static site generators

I finally got around on creating pages on GitHub. I never got around on installing Jekyll because my Ubuntu server used ruby 1.x and i did not want to upgrade. But earlier this week and had no luck on using all the php, node and other static site generators i just forced myself to install the latest ruby version using rvm.

So i installed Jekyll and started playing around and setup a site with “jekyll serve” and liked it. I started looking for how to setup a static site using Jekyll and setting it up for the GitHub pages. I found out it is just stupid simple. Just push your Jekyll project to gh-pages. That’s it. GitHub fixed the pages automatically.

It`s just stupid simple

But… i am lazy (so i work hard). I want to use bootstrap, I want my font awesomes. I WANT MY EASY SETUP. So i searched the internet. Nope. But i know npm and i know grunt. I can install bootstrap and i can install grunt. I learned Jekyll copied sass data from the _sass folder. It copies folders from the main directory to the sub folder directories. So i just setup a grunt contrib copy argument and copied the scss to the _sass folder. The javascript to the scripts folder and the fonts….. yes. Awesome.

It just serves the rest and when published it shows.

I also had a project for a admin page. Uses vh ad setup and is sweet. vh is super to use and is supported from even a dinosaur like Internet Explorer 9 (the basics).

So now you wonder, i want to see some code. You can, on GitHub, and on the GitHub pages for my Glynn admin. Enjoy, will build more soon.