Lets vue js

So i have been using vuejs for a time now and it is awesome. Just a minimalistic framework for making live easier.

But the community is using laravel, and i am a symfony guy so i decided i can use it and incorporate it in my projects. After learning about the “todo” app and wanting to use it i wanted more. I don’t want a [array].push in my javascript, i want an ajax call and save it in my database and get the right result so i can use that in my project and save it in my database. And yes, vuejs is still awesome.

I wanted to use some logical data and save it using the symfony forms. Why, so i can give users the right error messages from that data. And symfony (form) is awesome too, as long as you know how to implement those.

To force the submission you can just use the submit on a form element. But i do not like that, i will find a nice workaround and use the csrf from the form.

When i find the right way i will post it.

Oh right, vue 2.0 just came to live after 8 betas and 8 alphas. Cool. I did found out rewriting 1.* scripts do have to get some treatment. But just rewite directive in components and everything works again.

Soon. More.