Dimme calendar

A simple calendar plugin. You can view it in full action here. This is a plugin wich uses post types to create a calendar. There also is a widget wich shows the upcomming events.


Download and install the plugin from the wordpress plugin directory here.
Or just download an unpack the files in the `wp-content/plugins/dimme-calendar` dir.

you will also need the custom post type archive. Here you can make a custom post type, make one for the calendar.

In the settings menu you have a sub page named Dimme calendar. Here you can select the custom post type.

(sorry for my dutch)

And you can use the post type you want for the plugin. In the plugin folder there is a calender-tpl.php file. Copy this to your template folder. This will add a page template on the page file. If youre template uses other html codes, copy them, but leave the include. It will work.

Add a page. Use the template for the calendar. Change the template like you want.

The end result will be something like this:

2 thoughts on “Dimme calendar

  1. Jocke

    Your plugin looked promising!
    I installed it and created a Custom Posts type, but my CP still looks the same – no fields to input date and time. What have I missed?

  2. Markus

    This seems like a great plugin. Just what i’m looking for. I found language-files among the pluginfiles and tried to translate it to Swedish. Added the .po and .mo-files to the same catalog but how do I change the language of the plugin? And is it possible to translate the name of the months and so on as well?


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