Dimme googlemaps

The googlemap plugin can be found on the wordpress plugin page, here. An example of the plugin can be found here.

Instalation is easy, just install the plugin. It automatically creates a custom post type googlemaps wich can be used. If you use this it will automatically creates an archive page with the items on it.

On the googlemap post type items you now have a new meta box. This will save the position of the items in use.

After posting a couple of items you now have an archive page wich looks like this:

Clicking on an item you get the icon of the post. Here you also have a direction search box. Easy to find your way.

If you want to use googlemaps with an other post type, you can change the main post type of the googlemaps. To support other types you also have to check the support types on that post type, this will create the meta box on the admin page.