Previous or next in a custom post type archive.

I still like post types, i enjoy those types from the bottom of my heart. But this wordpress plays with me.

Just now i made a custom post archive for my calendar plugin. I just went directly to my custom post type page with my /calender url. Got a fantastic archive, or let me say post from the past for my archive. Lets start.

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Updated the googlemap plugin

Been a while. Been busy on other sites wich used my dimme google map script. But it used it to an extend i just changed the plugin to what i wanted there. So then i opend my base version and looked somewhat scared of the code. Need to add a custom post type that may or not may add sometimes a googlemap. Template page wich had to be included wich i based on the twentyten template.

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Image resizing

Wanting to create a thumbnail makes my wordpress days a lot longer than i would like. Found a nice function about image_resize using an absolute path for cropping images for a slider in the making. I just resized the images to my likings and uploaded my script to a somewhat slower server, and then the problems.

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